Super-Articulate: My Marvel Legends Most Wanted

Toy Fair looms large next week, and with it will come a number of product revelations. The big mover already is McFarlane Toys, who has consolidated both the Harry Potter/Wizarding World and DC Comics figure licenses under its control in the past few days. With those and other developments happening quickly, and rumors piling up, we’re sure to see interesting things from all over next week. It that spirit, I wanted to devote some time to a few of the Marvel Legends that I HOPE Hasbro will be getting to in short order. And I invite you to join in, too. I’ll present MINE, and then you chime in with yours. (One rule: Nobody dumps on anybody else’s choice; everyone has favorites.)

One more note: these are my Top Ten TODAY. It could change tomorrow. Or after dinner.

Lockjaw: The big teleporting doggie of the Inhumans has been overlooked in the Legends scale for far too long. With the increased emphasis on larger boxes with the Riders waves and the exclusives like Archangel, there are fewer and fewer reasons for Hasbro not to drop this fan favorite. I haven’t forgotten that we almost got him back in the day with Toy Biz, and I’m aware that a One:12 Collective version is happening, but still. Let’s see him.


First Appearance Storm: There is no one good reason why we don’t have a ML Storm in her Dave Cockrum-designed Giant-Size X-Men #1 costume. This look was produced by Toy Biz in the regular line in the day, as well as in the 8” cloth-costume figure line; it was also done in the 3.75” Marvel Universe line. A few years ago, it was posited as part of a ToyFare poll, so we know a sculpt exists. With avenues like Walgreens exclusives and other outlets, it’s way past time.

First Appearance Storm

Thunderbird: Similarly, Thunderbird remains the only member of the “Giant-Sized” team to not receive a Marvel Legend figure AT ALL. That’s a big Marvel history gap, right there.

Swordsman: I know some people might be saying, “Who?” If you don’t know, the Swordsman is the only character to join the Avengers in the 1960s that has not been a 6” Marvel Legend. Granted, his membership was brief and he was a traitor; HOWEVER, he did return and figure in important storylines, dying heroically.


Quake: Daisy Johnson is getting the short end, here. Though Quake just got her first figure as part of the Marvel Rising expression, the lack of a Marvel Legends Quake is mildly shocking. Consider the key role that the character played in Secret War, Secret Invasion, and Secret Warriors, prior to joining the Avengers. There’s also the little matter of Quake being one of the leads on the MCU’s longest running live-action TV show, as well as all her continued comic and animation appearances. Frankly, the lack of a Quake ML totally baffles me.


Quasar Absent Avengers Assemble! Let’s do the list . . . Avenger? Check. Important to multiple crossovers? Check. One of the few Annihilators without a figure? Check. Already made in 3.75” form? Check. Again, let’s see him, Hasbro.


Stingray: Wait . . . ANOTHER Absent Avenger?! Yeah, Stingray not only returned in comics (okay, he got beaten up pretty badly, but he survived), but plays a part in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 video game. Plus, he’s got one of the great character designs in comics. Stingray would make an excellent figure. Sure, he’s a personal favorite of mine, but it would just look great on the shelf.


Karnak Another personal favorite, but my desire for his inclusion also illuminates the lack of Inhumans overall in the 6” range. Yeah, I know I was just stumping for Lockjaw, but check this out. Black Bolt has only been made twice as an individual figure in the Legends line, and the recent Medusa Walgreens exclusive was the FIRST Medusa outside the SDCC Exclusive boxed set. No other Inhuman (Triton, Gorgon, etc.) has been made in ML 6” scale. There have been 3.75” Triton and Karnak, but not in the main line. I would, of course, prefer the classic look for Karnak, which the 3.75” figure also used.


Spitfire: A great, underrated character in the Marvel pantheon, Spitfire would check multiple boxes for me. Number one, she’s an Invader; and number two, she was part of the MI13 team (incidentally, that was a great comic and I have my own mini-shelf section for them with Captain Britain, Black Knight, and Blade, so I’m enough of a team freak to buy Spitfire twice if they make her). Also, her background is just nuts: essentially a super-hero/vampire hybrid that’s been around since World War 2, Spitfire has an awesome and crazy long-term story. I’d love to see her get made.


Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau: Yeah, we got an excellent Monica in the A-Force boxed set, but my heart is set on seeing her in her original Captain Marvel outfit. Never forget that Monica Rambeau was the first female Captain Marvel. History is important, kids. All right, there’s mine. Let’s hear yours.

Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau