Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

The Be-Bop Barbarians

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.

Age of X-Man: NextGen #1 (Marvel) – We’re getting a better idea of the world and this series is emphasizing the psychological horror aspect of it all.

Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – The two cult classics come together! Groovy baby!

Avengers: No Road Home #1 (Marvel) – The next weekly event kicks off here!

Batman Who Laughs #3 (DC Comics) – The first two issues have been great and the introduction of the Grim Knight? Awesome! The series is delivering.

The Be-Bop Barbarians (Pegasus) – Its the 1950s Manhattan with jazz, the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement, and Red Scare. Three black cartoonists defy convention and pay the price. And we’re right there to read this graphic novel.

Captain Marvel #2 (Marvel) – The first issue was entertaining and that ending was very unexpected. We’re excited to see what’s next.

Criminal #2 (Image Comics) – The first issue was fantastic and we expected no less. The second issue? Yeah, we’re expected the same excellence.

Dead Man Logan #4 (Marvel) – We’re still in to see where this series goes and how it all wraps up.

Hit-Girl Season Two #1 (Image Comics/Millarworld) – Kevin Smith taking on Hit-Girl? Yeah, we’re in for that.

Marvels Annotated #1 (Marvel) – An absolutely amazing package that includes two issues and tons of extra material of this classic story.

Savage Sword of Conan #1 (Marvel) – Solid sword and sorcery storytelling featuring Conan. A definite must for fans of the character and genre.

Wonder Twins #1 (DC Comics/Wonder Comics) – Mark Russell taking on the Wonder Twins? Hells yes!