Aquaman Gets a Spin-Off with The Trench

The Trench

With a billion dollars and counting at the box office, a sequel for Aquaman is a lock. A spin-off starring Mera wouldn’t be a surprise, but a film about the Trench!?

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald have been tapped to pen a horror-tinged script around the Trench.

A horror film with that setting isn’t too surprising and would match the tone for that sequence of the film which at times was some of the most tense and interesting of the movie and had Aquaman and Mera being assaulted by a swarm of the creatures and surrounded as they attempted to get to their location.

James Wan, who directed Aquaman, and Peter Safran will produce the project which so far is being called The Trench.

The Trench and its creatures are fairly recent additions to Aquaman having been introduced in 2011 when DC relaunched their entire line called the New 52. They are part of the various undersea kingdoms and were part of Atlantis but evolved differently after it sank.