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TV Review: Marvel’s The Punisher S2E5 One-Eyed Jacks

Marvel's The Punisher S2E5 One-Eyed Jacks

It’s not a trap if you know it’s coming: That’s Frank’s philosophy. Madani opens up and Pilgrim plans a visit to an unholy land.

This is another example of an episode dragging things out and the decompressed issue that is Marvel’s Netflix series (and their television efforts in general).

While Russo wanders around in a haze, Frank sets his sites on “Russians” that he thinks is after Rachel.

That’s it, that’s the entire episode.

Combine this episode with the last and you’d have a much better paced series and episodes that don’t feel like filler. That’s an issue with this season so far. It wants to be a drama or police procedural in ways but it’s really a fast paced superhero/action hero series.

There’s a lot of stuff here that moves the story along and is important but… it’s doing so slowly and in a decompressed way that creates a series that drudges on and on.

Watching a show shouldn’t feel like a chore.

Overall Rating: 6.0