Tales of UFC #1 is Launching at UFC 232

If the positive drug test of Jon Jones that forced the UFC pay-per-view to move locations wasn’t one of the strangest things about UFC 232, it looks like they’ll be launching their first ever comic at this weekend’s event.

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the UFC is launching Tales of UFC #1 exclusively for fans at UFC 232. The story brings the fighter that’s part of the UFC logo to life and is described as a tale of “action, adventure, and family.” The comic stars Mike and his daughter Maxine Mercury.

The comic is written by Dave Dwonch who has recently released such series as Infinite Seven, Cyrus Perkins and the Haunted Taxi Cab, and Double Jumpers with Action Lab. The comic features art by Jason Federhenn and color by Brad Simpson.

Dwonch landed the series through his agent at WME and pitched three projects to UFC. The comic has sci-fi elements but is “rooted in MMA.”

This comic is launching directly to UFC fans but it’s not the first comic to feature MMA. Heart, Joe Palooka, Cagehero, are examples of comic series featuring MMA. Former UFC fighter Rampage Jackson had a comic series published by Lion Forge. Also, UFC 181 featured a comics inspired poster done by Alex Sinclair, Howard Porter, and DC Comics. With the recent success of wrestling comics, we should be seeing a new wave of MMA inspired comics in the next year.

Tales of UFC #1

(via UFC)