Review: The Stone King #1

The Stone King #1

When it comes to stories revolving around thieves, there aren’t too many that grips you from the beginning. Thieves are usually frowned upon and rarely any redeeming qualities can be yielded from such characters. One of the more infamous thieves is Aladdin, a character which has been both glorified and villainized, depending on which interpretation you may follow. His heart is ultimately good and what he does is out of necessity.

One of the most storied thieves in fiction and quite possibly in history is Robin Hood. What most people know of this infamous thief, is that “he stole from the rich and gave to the poor.” His story is remixed once again in the new Taron Eggerton /Jamie Foxx movie. The film gives the legend a new twist as a heist thriller that takes place during medieval times. It lacks the cool tricks of modern heist stories but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain the same level of intrigue. The new comiXology Original digital comic series The Stone King also combines fantasy with melodrama and thrills.

Early in the comic we meet Ave, a thief born into the trade who harvests healing moss unbeknownst to the creature known only as the Stone King. It’s a method outlawed in the land. Her whole life changes when she finds a hidden treasure on the creature. It’s something that can change her fortunes. She returns home hoping that her haul has given her a new status with the guild of thieves. By issue’s end, The Stone King comes looking for the treasure Ave found and will not stop until it is found.

Overall, the comic is an engaging medieval caper that exceed expectations within the first few pages. The story by Kel McDonald is gripping and action packed. The art by Tyler Crook is beautiful. Altogether, the comic’s a heist story that’s so much more than that and will have readers wanting to read more.

Story: Kel McDonald Art: Tyler Crook
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

comiXology provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review