Preview: Dissension: War Eternal #4


Jordan Gunderson ; Christopher Fielder – Story  / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Luis Guerrero – Colors
In the not so distant future…
One by one, Delphi’s visions of the destruction of humanity become reality as the battle to stop the end of the world reaches the end game. Arciah, leader of the Syndicate, has been set free and has set his sights on regaining his dominion over the Earth. Delphi must decide how far she’s willing to go, and what she’s willing to sacrifice, to stop him. 
From artist and creator Jordan Gunderson comes Aspen’s most thrilling new series, DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL!
DISSENSION: WAR ETERNAL #6 is in stores December 5th, 2018!

FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

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