Review: Grayhat #2

“Vengeance Is Mine saith the Lord” is one of the most iconic lines in movie history. These words uttered by the effortlessly talented Samuel L. Jackson is of course not in the bible at all, but still showcases what type of man his character was within the story, a ruthless killer with no remorse. Rarely do these characters do anything because of a set of morals, but because they were hired to do a job. Characters like Denzel Washington’s Robert Moses in The Equalizer movies are the rare exception.

In those movies, Robert Moses, is a man of principle and one who uses his special set of skills for those who harm those close to him. In the first movie, he went after a mob who trafficked young girls.  In the second movie, he went after the people who killed his friend. These are the characters most people find boring, but really it is a bit nostalgic.  In the second issue of Grayhat, our mysterious rider is on his way to a major showdown.

We catch up with our heroes as they meander on their voyage, until the same people who mean to do Bird harm, find them, and tried to cause a ruckus. This disruption leaves Grayhat to go on a mostly solo expedition to destroy the monster that wants Bird dead, with unbeknownst to him, the help of Neda, who has secretly accompanied him. What he doesn’t know, is the monster is a shapeshifter, one that gives Grayhat, the fight of his life. By issue’s end, he survives to the end, defeats the monster but is still figuratively and metaphorically, not out of the woods yet.

Overall, the action-packed side adventure fans of the book did not know they needed. The story by J.R. Beirens is smart, fun and has enough action that proves that Bierens is a master storyteller. The art by J.R. Beirens evokes fear, delight and euphoria. Altogether, an excellent comic that gives reader another action packed adventure.

Story: J.R. Beirens Art: J.R.Beirens
Story:9 Art:9 Overall:9 Recommendation: Buy