TV Review: Daredevil S3E7 Aftermath

The press crucifies Daredevil after the attack on the Bulletin, and Agent Nadeem suspects the FBI paid too high a price for Fisk’s cooperation.

The episode kicks off with Fisk talking about a painting he’s missing and we learn that the feds agreed to return all of his assets. Wait, what? Who would agree to this!? And the man has an ankle bracelet to monitor his movement that doesn’t seem to really pick up when he leaves his apartment. And there’s cameras, but don’t think it’s odd he disappears into his closet for a long time? Again, the FBI are morons in this series.

But how is Matt dealing with faux-Devil? He’s ranting and raving and actor Charlie Cox drops his accent a bit in it all. But, with a little help he gets an idea of a lead he can follow which is about the first thing in this season that makes sense and seems logical.

Most of the episode revolves around individuals either dealing with the death and destruction from the previous episode in either realistic ways, Karen, or not so much, Foggy (with terrible acting too).

Then, there’s the FBI which is at times incompetent, highly competent, or trying to figure things out. It’s all a little out there and just doesn’t feel very realistic in the portrayal. They seem to dismiss leads or draw things out. Here, we get a swat team that’s dispatched rather easily on top of the usual bumbling investigations.

The episode is a transition into the latter half of the season and while it deals with the aftermath of the last episode, beyond two segments, the emotional impact seems minimal. It’s just like the rest of the season so far, great concepts, bad execution.

Overall Rating: 7.0