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Where the Data Ranks 2018’s Comic Book Films. Venom’s Record Opening

Comic film adaptations are big dollars and we track how they do each week to see trends and what’s working and what’s not.

It was a record weekend at the box office. Sony‘s Venom delivered an estimated $80 million opening topping the previous October best opening by more than $20 million. That opening is better than Marvel’s $75.8 million opening for Ant-Man and the Wasp earlier this year and just behind Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s $84.4 million.

The film appears to be bullet proof from reviews as it received largely negative ones from critics and a “B+” CinemaScore from the opening day audience. The audience was 59% male and 36% of the audience was age 25 years or older. That’s much younger audience than expected and indicates kids are driving this film’s success.

Internationally, the film opened with $125.2 million from 58 markets for a record October opening of over $205 million. The film opens in France next weekend, Japan in November, and China’s release has yet to be dated.

Without superhero competition for the foreseeable future, it’s unknown what the drop will be in the second weekend. But, with a budget of just $100 million, the film is already looking like it’ll be quite profitable and another success for Sony’s Spider-Man franchise which earn on average $318.8 million domestically, $488.4 million internationally, and $807.2 million worldwide. It’s about average when it comes to domestic vs. international earning averages for previous films and that’s without major markets opening. It should swing to heavily favoring international earnings once China opens. The film’s budget though is less than half the average Spider-Man film which average $209.5 million. So, the film needs to make far less to be as profitable.

This past weekend, Ant-Man and the Wasp Ant-Man and the Wasp held steady at #27 earning an estimated $132,000 to bring its domestic total to $216.4 million. Internationally the film gained about $900,000 million internationally over the week to bring that amount to $405.2. Worldwide the film has earned $621.6 million.

The film has not only passed the original domestically (both adjusted and not-adjusted for inflation) but it also has passed it internationally. The film should keeping adding dollars to its total for the next month and be somewhere above $100 million over the original when it’s all over. The sequel has a budget of about $32 million more than the original so it’ll need to that to even out profitability.

Deadpool 2 wasn’t on the chart for the weekend, but the film added about $4,000 to its domestic total. The film has earned $318.5 million domestically and $415.8 internationally for a worldwide total of $734.2 million. The sequel lags the original in every way and with a much higher budget, it’s unlikely it’ll be as profitable as the original. It is the second most successful “X” film domestically behind the original (not adjusted for inflation) and worldwide the film is in third place (again unadjusted).

Here’s where this year’s comic films stand as far as the actual numbers.

Total Domestic Gross: $2.031 billion
Total International Gross: $2.998 billion
Worldwide Gross: $5.030 billion
Total Reported Budgets: $897.1 million
Total “Profit”: $4.108 billion

Average Domestic Gross: $253.9 million
Average International Gross: $374.8 million
Average: Worldwide Gross: $628.7 million
Average Budget: $128.2 million
Average Profit: $500.6 million

Below is where the films released stand when it comes to being compared to this year’s averages. Those in green are above average while those below are red.