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Comic Book of the Month Lives On!

It feels appropriate the the same month as Halloween, Comic of the Month would return from the dead. After the service had announced it was suspending and looking for new owners, the future of the mystery comic box has been revealed with exactly that!

The new management has announced they are keeping things close to the same as before with some tweaks here and there. For those new to the service, each moth you receive ten comics based on a preference list. It’s like long box diving at your doorstep each month.

A new website has been created for subscribers and you can fill out your preference list there. You can still change your preference list at an time.

The service is $20 a month + $5 shipping and you receive 10 comics.

A few days remain to get signed back up before the October box cutoff date of the 10th. The boxes will be sent out on the 15th.  Subscribers signing up after the 10th will receive their 1st box in November when those are sent out on the 15th. The first 25 subscribers who sign back up are entered into a drawing where 1 person will win a special package from COTM that will be shipped out separately.

Currently they are only signing up US residents at this time, they hope by next month box they will have things ironed out with an international shipping partner and be sending outside of the US again. Another giveaway will be put in place for those subscribers as to not be left out.