Pop! Movies: The Predator this Fall

The hunt is on but the question is, are you the hunter or the hunted? If you’re up against the creature from the 1987 sci-fi action horror film Predator, odds are you’re the prey. Laugh in the face of imminent death with this line of Predator Pop!s including the titular creature with a one-in-six Chase, a Super Predator (in case the Predator wasn’t sufficiently terrifying) and a Predator Hound with a one-in-six Chase.

Pop! Movies: The Predator are out this Fall from Funko.

A highly colorful heat vision version of a Predator Hound is available as an Amazon exclusive.

Rory wearing a Predator mask is available as a Funko Shop exclusive.
 A chrome version of the Predator is available at FYE!