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Review: The Incapable Trump #2

When it comes to healthcare, there has been few hotter issues where people don’t seem to understand the issue. The past few years have shown that people cannot tell that “Obamacare” and the Affordable Care Act, are the same thing. The quandary about our healthcare system is further complicated by the implications of socialism and villainization of those in power over that word, without the public understanding the facts and the full implications. The sanctimony and obfuscation of facts being carried out when it comes to why the dismantling of the ACA is better for the nation is reprehensible. These acts have lead to even more confusion and has become increasingly part of a bigger fabric of distrust against government officials and the system of government. The original vision of Ted Kennedy was to provide all Americans, healthcare that is affordable and now we have gone back to a system before Nixon, where HMOS put profit before care.

In the second issue of The Incapable Trump , the creators dive into this topic in both an educational and entertaining way.

We find the elected president shortly after his transformation back to his unhealthy human self, as he pauses to try and understand what has happened to him, he looks for medical attention, from his doctor. He employs spin control Sean Hannity, so that the media doesn’t get wind of what’s really going on with him, as he enters his office, Dr. Bornstein, famously lies to his face, and assures him that a vacation to Maralago is what he needs most. In a secret room, the GOP struggles with the what just happened with the President, realizing they are losing the faith of the citizens and the country. Soon, they hatch a plan where they can introduce bills that no one reads because the citizens and the media is engulfed with whatever public spectacle POTUS is doing now. The media, including the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, can’t help but tear through the mess he has already made, to which the POTUS only watches Fox News and reads redacted newspapers, to stories of his liking, which is not very much. This is where the GOP visits him, to convince him to create “TrumpCare”, which thrives on capitalism and makes healthcare not reasonable once more. As the both Houses go to vote, it doesn’t pass the Senate, which causes Trump’s health to spike, as Secret Service is unsure if he has health insurance but arrive at a hospital nonetheless. Shortly, after arriving, the Incapable part of POTUS takes over his body and destroys the hospital while insulting the medical staff. I don’t want to spoil the end but there’s some great digs in who saves the day.

Overall, an excellent second issue which both entertains and illuminates the reality of the current political climate. The story by Omar Mirza is funny, relevant, and entertaining. The at by the creative team is gorgeous despite the subject matter. Altogether, an excellent issue that proves Mirza and the creative team are ones to watch.

Story: Omar Mirza Art: Alex Genaro, Armando M. Zanker, Rajeev Ranajan, Henar Casal
Story: 9.7 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

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