Review: The Incapable Trump #1

In a world where world leaders are thought of disdain or ridicule, it is sill amazing to me that someone can get both reactions. A perfect example is the current POTUS who is, to say the very least, a source of controversy and confusion. At the same time he has brought out people’s true nature. Many of the people who supported him before the election, still are supporters despite everything and seem to be even more dug in when it comes to that support. Never has one president been so controversial, so ridiculed, so hated, and has brought the office nothing but indignation from our allies.

As everyone around the world witnesses how much of a “dotard” he is, the fractures he has caused in the very fabric in what makes us united and part of America seems to be underplayed by many. No one living can think of a time where xenophobia, racism, ignorance, the “making up of facts,” and constant lying has even been on display from the highest office in the nation. This is where the arts play its part and reflect what is going in our country and how the rest of the world sees us. In the first issue of The Incapable Trump, part parody part superhero satire, we find a man out of his depth.

In the first few panels we find the POTUS laying with his toy blocks. He soon finds out there is trouble from his inauguration, as the number of attendees is not what he expected. As he struggles with the questions and the cameras, the pressure becomes too much for him, which pushes him to become the Incapable Trump, an ogre like version of himself and an even paler version of the Hulk. Transformed, he says even dumber things. Eventually he faces off against Bernie Sanders and the rest of the liberals, in a faceoff with an ending that’s rather creative and a nice play on events.

Overall, the comic is a great story that uses both parody and a love of superheroes in a supremely imaginative way. The story by Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin is funny, relevant, and action packed. The art by Twins Vega and Beeezzz Studio is gorgeous. It’s one of the better parody books to make it out into the world in a while.

Story: Omar Mirza and Khurram Mehtabdin
Art: TwinsVega and Beeezzz Studio

Story:10 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy