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SDCC 2018: Terror Films Acquires Alterna’s The Chair

Terror Films has acquired The Chair for distribution to streaming on demand and video on demand services. The film follows the plot of the Alterna Comics psychological horror comic book created and written by Peter Simeti with art by Kevin Christensen.

In both the film and the comic book, a man named Richard Sullivan struggles to escape a grisly fate on death row in this intense story of betrayal, revenge, and humanity’s horrifying capacity for evil.  The film features an ensemble cast featuring indie horror icon Bill Oberst Jr., Zach Galligan (Gremlins), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), Noah Hathaway (The Neverending Story), Ezra Buzzington (The Hills Have Eyes), and most notably –the late Roddy Piper in his final feature film role before he passed away on July 31, 2015.