Review: Submerged #1

Vita Ayala‘s new comic Submerged has all the makings of a great series and I can’t wait to get pulled deeper into Ellie’s world. There are some pretty cool mythological undertones that make Ayala’s story seem like a kind of underworld Odyssey and I’m all the way here for it. The family drama between Ellie and her parents and Ellie and her brother Angel, the object of her quest, are spot on in everything from sibling birth order to resentment for responsibilities that are too much for a child to bear. Ayala manages to get us to feel for her protagonist and to agree to go on this creepy, soul searching journey with her in under 24 pages, which is one hell of a feat but, as a reader you get one hell of a ride.

Lisa Sterle‘s artwork is low key but hella detailed. She uses basic lines when showing way back flashbacks which makes them feel more like a dream or a memory more skewed to Ellie’s perspective. The current time settings are heavy and dreary which show Ellie’s despair and isolation and when she descends into the subway, Sterle makes everything look like the world and people are slowly falling apart, things begin to have less and less shine the further down she goes ,which makes the transition to the last panel of this issue less jarring but, more intense.

Submerged is a fun and engaging read and it ends on a cliffhanger that makes you think about what happened before that moment and what could possibly happen after in the interim while you wait for issue #2. Ayala knows how to do character development and she sets a tone that we are sure will guide our heroes journey from this issue forward. The combination of art and story make for a fresh new series that I can’t wait to read more of and, the creative team had the good sense to not only avoid packing too much info into the issue while simultaneously, finding a hook to make sure that readers will return for the next installment.

Story: Vita Ayala Art: Lisa Sterle
Story: 8.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Buy

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