Megan Rose Gedris’s Circus-themed ‘Spectacle’ Returns for a Second Volume

Megan Rose Gedris continues to deliver more harrowing haunted tales from the circus. Spectacle Volume 2 is coming to you via digital from Oni Press starting July 11, and will continue with an issue each month until November 2018.

Sisters Anna and Kat return for the second book of Megan Rose Gedris’s paranormal circus murder mystery, Spectacle! A murder is tough thing to solve, even without temperamental performers, supernatural occurrences, and a powder keg of a circus. In this arc, mysterious mutations begin to take over the circus, creating rifts and rival factions among the troupe. Anna experiences unsettling dreams that may hint at the underpinnings of the murder, and Kat finds that being dead doesn’t mean that her responsibilities have ended—or that her secrets will remain unburied.