Review: Paradox Girl #6

The losing of superpowers seems to be a rite of passage for many superheroes. Just about very major superhero has gone through some form or another of losing their powers. It forces them to change how they do their job and the storyline usually has them becoming better people for it. This was the main premise of the first Thor movie, which depending on whom you talk to, was not what made the movie enjoyable. This is also one of the arcs in Black Panther as he loses the mantle and the powers that makes him who he is. That eventually leads to him becoming a better ruler.

In comic books this event type occurs more frequently. One of the most memorable example is DC Comics’ JLA: Act Of God, which is an out of continuity Elseworlds tale. In another JLA story, “Tower Of Babel,” Batman’s contingency plans for each of the Justice League members is hacked allowing Vandal Savage to debilitate each team member. Either way, fans gets to see their favorite character out of their element which makes for an interesting character study. In the sixth issue of Paradox Girl, we find our favorite time jumper trying to solve an issue without her powers.

Paradox Girl suddenly finds herself, by herself, as she mysteriously loses her power one day, on in which she looks to push the boundaries of being one person, versus the multiple copies she used to seeing. This is where she meets a new villain, Doctor Doctor, someone who is smarter than our heroine and makes her seem that her very presence has caused havoc across the universe. She eventually gets trapped by this new adversary, who leaves her captive for six months. By issue’s end, Paradox Girl ultimately escapes and finds out who she really is, as her powers become just an added benefit to being Paradox Girl.

Overall, a grand end to the first arc, which will leave fans more than satisfied. The story by Cayti Borquin is cracking with humor and intelligence. The art by Yishan Li is luminous and vivid. Altogether, an issue which gives a new spin on retrospectives of life and still remembers to leave a smile on the reader’s face.

Story: Cayti Borquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy