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Comic Bento is Bringing Subscribers to Otherworlds

A famous book once declared “there are other worlds than these…” This month, Comic Bento is bringing five books in this latest collection that aims to prove just that in Otherworlds! With a double shot of a classic franchise and a new Origin for a legacy character, you’ll be taken through the borders of this world and into the stellar, dimensional and reflective worlds of the great beyond!

Take a peek at what’s inside this Otherworld:

  • A FIVE book collection, including a Hardcover!
  • A Comic Bento Exclusive!
  • Two volumes of a beloved anthology franchise!
  • Rebirth of one of DC’s most memorable Characters!
  • An MSRP of over $85!

But hurry though, the gateway to Otherworlds closes at 11:59 pm EST on June 30th!

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