Review: Black Panther: Shuri – The Deadliest of the Species

The movie, Black Panther, has been more than bright spot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it has proven itself to be a little more than a watershed moment. As fans worldwide took to the streets in masses, and watched this movie, even if they weren’t comic book fans. The one thing that made the movie great, is what makes Orange Is The New Black, required viewing, as it focused on the people that comprise the place and not on one single character. This is what made the movie stand taller than any other heroes solo movie debut, as it gave the main character, the gravitas and humanity to make the viewer appreciate the journey T’Challa was on.

This became even more prevalent as we found out who these people that surround him are and why they are connected to him, as they also make him who he is.  One of those people, is fan favorite, Shuri, the one person who makes T’Challa better and who is said to be smarter than Tony Starks, a distinguish which makes her even more iconic. The importance of the character can be seen in the thousands of little girls who dress up like her, but only comic fans knows she takes up the mantle. In The Deadliest Of The Species, we follow Shuri as she occupies the role of ruler and battle an outside invader.

T’Challa attends a mysterious meeting in which Namor has joined forces with Loki and Doom, to form a confederation of individuals whose interests align with each other, as soon as T’Challa finds out what is going on, him and Doom battle, one which leaves the Black Panther badly injured and with a loss of one of his Dora Milaje. T’Challa returns to Wakanda in a comatose state, leaving the country without a Black Panther, leading to Ramonda and Storm to nominate Shuri to temporarily inhabit the sovereign seat, one in which she must undergoes the same tests every other Black Panther must face. In the meantime, Storm desperate for T’Challa to return to her, enters the celestial plane, known as D’Jalia, in search of him, while facing demons along the way. On the horizon, Morlun has awaken from the other end of the continent, planning his attack on Wakanda, one that Shuri’s training is about to pay off. By book’s end, Shuri outsmarts Morlun , defeating him with her wit and brawn, and Storm is able to able to bring back T’Challa from the D’Jalia.

Overall, a story which finds one of the canon’s favorite characters in the forefront, and at her best and a story which the new movie borrows form heavily. The story by Reginald Hudlin is dramatic, well developed and shows why he is one of the more renowned authors in the Black Panther canon. The art by creative team is vivid and prominent. Altogether, an excellent book which showcases this influential character and why she is important to canon.

Story: Reginald Hudlin Art: Ken Lashley, Paul Neary and Paul Mounts
Story: 10 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.4 Recommendation: Buy