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Review: Delegates #5

When a story makes an unexpected turning point, the reader is often left flabbergasted.  The initial shock comes because usually when the twist happens, it is right when the reader gets invested in the characters.  It is especially interesting when the writer subverts the tropes that would be employed in the plot that occurs. This takes a lot of leaving “breadcrumbs” throughout the story, clueing the reader in as you get closer to where the story needs to go.

As absurd as it sounds now, the movie, Sixth Sense, did this in spades when it first came out as it drew viewers in, with the story about this little boy, but the story really was about the therapist Bruce Willis played. The classic misdirection is what I am eluding to, and it is surprising, unbelievable, and ultimately satisfying. The comics world was recently surprised, when they learned that Captain America was always an agent of HYDRA. In the fifth issue of Delegates, our heroes unleash their newly kept secret into he public as it both shocks and dismay those who find out.

We catch up with Aminah and the rest of our heroes during her revealing what she really is to the people of Kayatimabe where they are currently stranded and on the run from bandits. What follows is a standoff between our heroes and the bandits, as the bandits see an opportunity to make money off Aminah and Marla must do everything she can to protect her. Aminah eventually reaches out to the bandits and the rest of the village to plead for a chance to prove her worth. By issue’s end, Aminah more than proves her worth but the company that created her is getting closer to where she is and looks to use her for their own purposes once again.

Overall, probably the most cerebral issue of the series, one that challenges notions about the advancement of technology and what it means to be human. The story by Tina Cesa Ward is fun, action packed and astounding. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, a great issue that looks to push the book to new heights.

Story: Tina Cesa Ward
Art: Felipe Cunha, Rodrigo Urbano, Anwar Hanano,
and Taylor Esposito
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.7 Recommendation: Buy

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