Review: The Winner

Retrofit Comics is known for publishing some amazing indie comics and I got a chance to read one of the entries from their latest Kickstarter to publish their 2018 lineup. The Winner is by Karl Stevens and only one word can describe it… amazing.

The Winner is a series of short comics, with a few longer ones, by Stevens that blends high and low art and explores the world of that in comics. Early on Stevens questions his place as an artist and from there explores the world with his life as well as creates fantastical worlds. There’s fantasy. There’s science fiction. And there’s slice of life. The 104 page graphic novel is a blending of topics that all have a theme laid out in the beginning, where does Stevens fit in comics and art?

Stevens wears his doubt in his sleeve. Though he received a Xeric Foundation grant, has been nominated for awards, where his style fits in the two worlds is an interesting one.

For the most part, Stevens delivers a painted style which looks absolutely gorgeous. With his wife as his muse the stories vary in topics but the style is pretty consistent and it just looks amazing. We’re talking art gallery worthy comic art. Beyond the short thoughts, Stevens delivers some longer form comics all of which evoke a trippy narrative that evokes Kirby and Starlin.

The package is award worthy material and shows the impeccable taste of Retrofit Comics. I constantly say when you see their name on a comic you know you’re in for quality and this graphic novel is a prime example of it. There’s some amazing shorts which took my breath away and others that had me laughing. No matter what, the material is easy to relate to and a style you’ll linger on.

It’s an absolute must get.

Story: Karl Stevens Art: Karl Stevens
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Retrofit Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review