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Paranormal Mystery Meets Conspiracy Thriller in Scoop Vol. 1 Breaking News

Paranormal mystery meets conspiracy thriller in this action-packed comic for young adults starring 14-year-old Sophie Cooper, a brilliant student intern turned sci-fi sleuth out to clear her family’s name.

Written by Richard Hamilton with art by Joseph Cooper, and color by Alba Cardona and Peter Pantazis, Scoop, Vol. 1: Breaking News is our June 19th from Insight Comics. Scoop tells Sophie’s story as a red-headed, Cuban American high school freshman and the daughter of a loving father—who’s currently under house arrest for embezzlement and money laundering.

While her mother struggles to support the family, and her bratty younger brother Kit sits around tinkering with his “inventions,” Sophie has only one goal: clearing her father’s name.

When an internship opens up at the local news station, Sophie seizes the chance to  do a little investigating of her own. Unfortunately, WMIA 7 isn’t exactly CNN. In between logging Betacam tapes and fetching coffee for the station’s washed-up reporting team, Sophie sifts through the “broken stories”: crank calls and dead-end tips reporting everything from UFOs to alligator-men. However, one name keeps popping up: Matheson Savings and Trust, the bank that accused Sophie’s father of money laundering.

Determined to follow her lead, Sophie sets out to investigate the bank, uncover a conspiracy, and clear her family’s name . . . just as soon as she finishes her homework.

This thrilling graphic novel demonstrates the importance of putting family first and the power of true investigative reporting. For Sophie, that means trusting her instincts and relentlessly following the truth no matter where it may lead her.