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A Preview From The Joe Shuster Story, The Artist Behind Superman

On May 15, 2018, almost 80 years to the day that writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster introduced Superman in the pages of Action Comics’ first issue and transformed pop culture, Super Genius will publish The Joe Shuster Story, The Artist Behind Superman. The award-winning writer of Ghetto Brother, Julian Voloj, and acclaimed artist Thomas Campi have collaborated on an original graphic novel about America, ambition, the intersection of art and commerce, and the friendship of two young men from Cleveland, whose lives were changed forever following the unexpected and unprecedented success of their iconic creation.

The publication of The Joe Shuster Story is a major literary event that showcases the worst and the best of comic book history: from legal disputes, Frederick Wertheim and the comics code, to the unbridled burst of creativity and collaboration that brought forth one of our greatest heroes.

The Joe Shuster Story, The Artist Behind Superman, 180pp., 6×9, color hardcover, $24.99 ISBN 9781629917771 and paperback, $19.99 ISBN 9781629917764