Wasted Space #1 Gets Two Second Printing Covers

Vault Comics has unveiled two brand new covers for the second printing of Wasted Space #1The first cover is illustrated by Vault Comics’ Art Director, Nathan Gooden, and the second by heavyweight artist Darick Robertson. Both covers are designed by Tim Daniel.

Nathan Gooden’s cover references Shuster and Eisenberg’s classic Action Comics No. 1 cover, which was released 80 years to the day before Wasted Space #1. Darick Robertson’s cover is a loving parody of George Pérez’s unforgettable Crisis on Infinite Earths cover. The back covers of both Wasted Space #1 2nd prints will feature a historical note about the covers referenced.

The Robertson cover is a 1:2 variant tied with the Gooden cover. Every 2 copies ordered of the Gooden cover will enable retailers to order one copy of the Robertson cover. The #1 second print covers both hit shelves the same day as the second issue of Wasted SpaceMay 30th, 2018. Retailers can look at Previews Plus for more information.

The series is written by Michael Moreci, illustrated by Hayden Sherman, colored by Jason Wordie, and lettered by Jim Campbell.