Avengers: Infinity War Brings in $39 million from Thursday

Marvel StudiosAvengers: Infinity War is going to bring in a massive amount of money. The question is, how much? In Thursday night previews, the film delivered $39 million. That’s the fourth largest Thursday night preview ever and largest of any Marvel Cinematic Universe film. Captain America: Civil War earned $25 million, Black Panther earned $25.2 million, and Avengers: Age of Ultron earned $27.6 million.

The film has already opened internationally and in 43 markets it has earned an estimated $95 million. In Brazil the film earned a record $4.8 million, the largest opening ever in that market. In the UK the film had the largest MCU opening with $8.9 million. In Germany the film earned $3.2 million which was the highest superhero opening day of all-time in that market.

It is expect the film will be the third film in five months to open over $200 million domestically but there’s thoughts it might be able to topple Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the largest opening weekend ever. The studio expectations are for a $210+ million opening which means they’re confident the film will open higher than that.

The film is debuting in 4,470 locations which is the widest debut for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film ever. Iron Man 2 debuted in 4,380 locations.

Word of mouth will likely be the driver for the film and based on reaction Thursday, this is a film that will be boosted by excitement, positive word of mouth, fear of missing out, and repeated viewings.