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Review: Why Art?

When I went to high school I went to what was considered a “magnet school.” This concept which was pushed all throughout New York City was where you had a public high school devoted a certain field of study. There was Bronx Science dedicated to students who would be pursuing degrees and careers in Science. There was Aviation High in Queens, where I am from, which pushed towards degrees and careers in Aviation.

There was also one dedicated to the arts, but it was in Manhattan. The appreciation of art is something that I would not get to know until I joined the military and got to go museums I would not normally be able to go. Art is something I believe everybody should be able to experience, even if you don’t quite understand the artists’ intention. In Eleanor Davis’ Why Art? she examines how the world looks at art in all its glory.

From the onset she starts out with the basics. Readers are given the terminology one would use when describing certain works. She gives the reader a very good example of performance artwork, through four different individuals. Unfortunately for our protagonists, an “act of god” destroys their big debut at an art gallery as they find a shelter within a piece of art. By book’s end, they find inspiration in a shadowbox art piece as the eventual lesson here becomes art is a state of mind that can exist in any medium.

Overall, a book which explores art in all its meanings while solidifying why artists thrive despite convention and criticism. The story by Davis is smart, beautiful, and engaging. The art by Davis is elegant, intellectual and glowing. Altogether, a great book which only endears the reader to art, as the great Winston Churchill once said:

Leave it to the Master of Art trained by a lifetime of devotion the wonderful process of picture-building and picture creation. Go out into the sunlight and be happy with what you see.

Story: Eleanor Davis Art: Eleanor Davis
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

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