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Webcomics Weekly: Hyper Epics

Welcome to Graphic Policy’s spotlight on webcomics, where we take a look at one of the many comics available on the web: Webcomics Weekly (you shouldn’t be fooled by the “weekly” part of the title, however, the feature may happen more or less frequently than that). We’re defining webcomics as any comics published online for free consumption by the general public that doesn’t require a  subscription service.

This week we’re taking a look at Hyper Epics, a website that hosts multiple different three page stories. The folks behind the site were kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the webcomic below.

Graphic Policy: In a nutshell, can you tell us what the strip’s about?

Tom Hoover: Hyper Epics is home of the 3 page sagas, where each story is brief yet memorable and has some level of scope (and original music!).  In an age where it often takes several months to tell a complete storyline, we took on the challenge of creating epic tales that are complete and stand on their own in just 3 pages.  Thus, it serves as a destination where readers can come to and be inspired without having to invest their time and money for a prolonged period of time.   

We tackle a number of genres, timeless themes, and sometimes take detours simply for a bit of madcap fun.  

Readers can also expect an experience that is acceptable for nearly all age groups, as we do not promote excessive violence, nudity, or vulgar themes in our stories.  There is enough of this elsewhere and in ample numbers.   

Thomas Tuna: One of the goals of our website that was outlined by Tom Hoover right from the start–and one I heartily embrace–is to simplify the comic-book experience for a whole new generation of comic book enthusiasts. I, perhaps, have a better empathy for the “Golden and Silver Ages” of Comics, simply by being older and having a first-hand appreciation for what it once meant to plunk down a shiny dime (yes, all that four-color magic for just 10 cents!) back in the early ’60s.

Comic book stories were magical then, with the creators striving for a real emotional connection to their readers. We’re doing this again here and now with our three-page Hyper Epics. It’s a real challenge for our writers and artists to tell a compelling story within this framework. But it’s also so rewarding when the job is done right and someone out there enjoys it.  hyper epics sc.PNG

GP: How often do you update?

TH: We typically add new stories 1 to 2 times a week, and we also have other areas of content that we maintain, such as interviews with industry veterans, our Hyperspace column, and more.  This frequency will increase as we add more staff and hopefully some level of funding.

GP: How long have you been producing the strip?

TH: We launched in January of 2018 and have already posted an impressive lineup of diverse and engaging stories since our debut.  The passion in which we have taken this on is evident by the outpouring of creativity we have produced in such a short time.  Our talented artists and composers have really stepped up and are delivering on time and with originality.

hyper epics hawk.PNG

GP: Where did the idea for the strip come from?

TH: Perhaps I had grown weary with the lack of morality tales in our pop culture.  Or maybe it was that I found many of our entertainment choices were too aggressive and laden with their own agendas.  However it came to be, the spark formed for a destination of adventure and inspiration, where heroes continue their eternal struggle against the evil forces of the universe. I think it is important, especially for younger readers, to see that not everything in our realm is wrapped in shades of gray.   It’s a vision that not everyone may embrace due to what they have grown conditioned to, but for those that do appreciate it, the hard work will be well worth it.  

Below you’ll find another example of one of the comics posted to the site, The Last BelieverClick on any of the images in this feature to be taken to the rest of the comic.

hyper epics tb.PNG



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