Classic-style Betty & Veronica stories return to comic shops in this advance preview of Betty & Veronica Friends Forever #1!

Classic-style Archie stories return to comic shops in May with the launch of Betty & Veronica Friends Forever! The ongoing series brings the iconic characters back to the traditional comic book format in fun themed stories by Archie legends Bill Golliher and Dan Parent.

Dan and Bill have a long history with Riverdale going back to their influential 1990s storyline, “Love Showdown” that reintroduced Cheryl Blossom to modern Archie Comics.

The stories spotlighted in the new series, geared toward comic shops, will also be seen in select B&V digests on the newsstand to maximize the reach of these new classic tales.

Betty & Veronica Friends Forever #1 features a script by Bill Golliher, art by Dan Parent, Rich Koslowski, Glenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli, and cover by Parent. The first issue comes to shelves May 2nd.