Bruce Lee Returns in Darby Pop Publishing’s all-new Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon

Bruce Lee: The Walk of the Dragon, an all-new, all-ages, full-color comic adventure, releases as a “one shot” on March 28, 2018 courtesy of Darby Pop Publishing. The self-contained story lives in the same continuity as the hugely successful Bruce Lee: The Dragon Rises, but shines even more of a spotlight on one of history’s few real-life superheroes. This special issue is written by animation superstar Nicole Dubuc. Interior art is once again courtesy of Brandon McKinney with a cover from John Haun.


Philosopher/teacher/real-life superhero Bruce Lee is back. And, let’s be honest, the world needs him now more than ever. Taking a brief respite from battling an otherworldly evil, Bruce attempts to navigate modern-day Southern California despite still suffering from amnesia and having been “out of the loop” for over 45 years. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a simple “lunch run” soon turns into a comedy of errors involving mistaken identity, a Film Festival, and the pokey. And despite never being one to initiate fisticuffs, Bruce continues to find it difficult to both hide his martial arts skills… and keep his shirt on.

All told in a single-issue format that requires no prior knowledge, and reaches its own satisfying conclusion.