Review: Paradox Girl #2

There is nothing better than comedy-based comics when it is done right. This is exactly what made Mad Magazine and Cracked, so popular to read for my kids in my generation. As it poked fun at everything, no holds barred, leaving everyone a victim, pointing out some of the most absurd elements of popular culture. Any child who grew up when I did, could remember Mad’s popular parody of Rocky IV and Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, two movies that some audiences find iconic now, but were critically panned by the critics and these comic magazines. The humor in these magazines shaped what my humor for years to come and I would find this absurdist sense of humor in other comics growing up.

One of those comics was Groo, which found comedy in Conan’s action adventure fantasy settings. Another one is Deadpool, which within the comics and the movie, showed the world how wisecracking killer can still exist in world where superheroes exist and many of his jokes landed with all fans, even creating a cult like following. As most of these comics are well established, rarely do you find comics which push those boundaries enough and remembers to be funny. This what sets Paradox Girl apart from most indies, as out titular hero in the second issue finds an unnecessary foe.

We find Paradox Girl, being annoyed by one of her other selves, which leads her to throw a tantrum, as her need for sleep is what she feels she most needs. As much as would like to believe it was them who was annoying her, it was an unwelcome intruder on her property that gets her riled up. What follows is her overreacting and regenerating herself bringing a bear to take out the wolverine and then a peacock with guns to take out the bear. By issue’s end, paradox gets herself caught up in a series of mishaps and misfires, leaving her even more tired and right when she thinks she can get some sleep, the chaos ensues once again.

Overall, a raucous riot of an issue, that will make  new fans of this criminally overlooked comic book, which pushes the boundaries of time and comedy. The story by Cayti Bourquin is hilarious, irrational, and just what you need at the end of a long day. The art by Yishan Li is vivid and elegant. Altogether, another excellent installment in the superior comedy series.

Story: Cayti Bourquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.2 Overall: 9.1 Recommendation: Buy