Review: Comichaus #10

Anthology shows are a thing these days, as increasingly networks are considering the format, because of the flexibility. As the rigors of telling a story, but conventional means, has stifled not only creators but also audiences.  One such example of unconventional storytelling is the popular This Is Us, where the story is not only told form two timelines but also various characters, all interconnected, and each story sharing the same message of that episode. During all this, the story evokes all senses and emotions, form laughter to tears, the show reaches us every viewer.

A genre show, which does the same thing, but adds some scares, is the almost undefinable Room 104, which has just about touched every genre since it has entered popular media. The very fist episode, manipulated viewer’s understanding of multiple personalities and lets the audience know of the costs of not identifying it. In the tenth issue of Comichaus, each creator brings their “A game,” as some conclude their stories and others bring it to a climax. In the fourth part of Homeopaths, our heroes eventually defeat the evil Doctor, and though they are a bit scarred from what she did to them, they both could now finally get a good night’s sleep.

In the conclusion to “Mandy The Monster Hunter,” our heroine soon finds out that no tall monsters are bad, and peace can have attained without killing each other. In “Splendid Grins,” a man of the law finds himself at odds, as he questions his reason for being. In the conclusion to “Cold,” our heroine ends the evil that destroyed her life for the last time. In the last story, “The Lost Legionnaire,” a group of Roman soldiers gets trapped in a forest full of supernatural creatures, before meeting their fate.

Overall, a strong group of stories which not only anchor this issue but makes this one of the premiere books for all readers. The stories by the creator are strong, smart and most of all, entertaining. The art by the creators more than complement the stories. Altogether, another strong installment in what is an excellent series.

Story: Sambrook/Jones, Matt Warner, Fraser Campbell, Simon Birks, Gary Welsh
Art: Gavin Fullerton, Vincent Hunter, Iain Laurie, Lyndon White, Gary Welsh, Robin Jones
Story: 9.6 Art: 9.4 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy