TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S2E6 AKA Facetime

Jessica gate-crashes an exclusive country club on the hunt for the killer, and Trish’s new addiction begins to spiral out of control.

After the splash of the last episode, Jessica has to dry out her phone and use the photos she snapped to attempt and figure out who the mysterious individuals are. She heads to Oscar after all of it where the two finally get to it. What’s interesting is that paint spills over in which they have sex. But, it’s the color of that paint that stands out. It’s purple. Some nice transitions from last season to this in one simple detail.

Trish saves a woman, hears heightened noises. She’s drugged out at this point, a further slide for the character this season. In the comics she’s eventually a hero and we see a small glimpse of that here but who knows where it’s all going and if we might eventually get that version of the character.

Jeri asks Inez about the IGH experiments. We see lots of scars on her body. This is slightly triggering for Jeri who wants to find out more about what they were trying to do.

Malcolm heads back to his university he was put on academic probation. We learn a lot about him. He had a full ride to the school. He’s from a wealthy family. And he screwed it up due to addiction. We’re seeing his story play out in some ways with Trish this season, an interesting twist to the dynamics we’ve seen before.

Through Malcolm’s work, Jessica was is able to track down an individual who has info that might help her. We learn a bit more about what the mysterious doctor was doing and that some of it might not be completely evil. He’s helped people as well as doing some horrible experiments on others.

But during all of this, there’s Trish who is having withdrawal from what she’s been taking. It further emphasizes that Jessica is now the one in control and Trish is the one spiraling out of it.

But, what’s really interesting in this episode is scenes involving Inez and Jeri. Inez, being a nurse, is able to figure out what’s going on with Jeri. A connection is made and that eventually leads Inez to reveal there might be someone who was experimented on that might be able to help Jeri. Again, it’s these small character moments that really stand out in the series. There’s a real sense of pain and compassion between the two.

Fans will love the Gaydos art on display in the episode, a nice nod to the comics the series is based on. The episode does an excellent job of exploring the characters. And it ends with a hell of a twist that I definitely see coming. As the season has progressed it’s gotten better and has me wanting to see where it all goes.

Overall Rating: 7.95