TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S2E5 The Octopus

Backed into a corner, Jessica’s forced to share her intel on the killer. A groggy Trish tries to pull herself together before an important meeting.

Jessica’s in jail… again. This time she decides to cooperate with the police which is a big change from previous interactions. Episode five continues the growth we’ve see of Jessica in the last few episodes. She’s now trusting the police and she puts Malcolm in charge of things while she’s tied up. There’s also a key statement when she says she’s not mad at something. Real growth of a character over multiple episodes!

There’s also bonding between Jeri and Jessica. Jeri’s not doing well and Jessica asks about it and offers a bucket in case she throws up. Again, it’s something simple but important.

There’s also a moment between Jessica and the detective where he talks about what Killgrave did and how Jessica’s killing him helped them with their nightmares. There’s been struggle by Jessica all season dealing with her actions of killing Killgrave. Where she’s called a “killer” multiple times, here she’s given absolution in some ways by a person in power. But, that’s flipped later when Pryce confronts Jessica claiming she killed his friend. There’s an interesting balance being played in how people in what roles view Jessica.

Then there’s Trish who is coming down and her mother thinks she’s off the rails and using again. Through this interaction, it’s clear her mother is in complete control again and Trish is the one this season that needs the real help. That eventually leads to something between Griffin and Trish… we’ll let you enjoy that one without spoilers.

Jessica and Jeri are working well together this episode which leads to Jessica needing help protecting their lead, Inez. She needs a safe house to stash her in. Here we have Malcolm taking the lead in some ways, not only getting Jessica a new laptop but also responsibility for their witness. There’s an interaction between the two that not only adds depth to Malcolm but also how Inez sees him. It’s some interesting focus on character.

We’re also introduced to a new character who was framed for murder. Through him we learn more of what IGH has been doing, which sounds like DNA splicing of some sort. This leads Jessica to head to the acquarium where she crosses the path of suspects.


The episode’s heart again is Jessica and how she’s growing as a character. She’s trusting more and not shutting people off as much. She’s also fully into finding out about her past and discovering the truth, something she was hesitant before.

Out of all the episodes, this one has the most meat. A lot goes on here and there’s movement in many different ways as far as plots and characters. A slow start of the season feels like it’s picking up momentum here.

Overall Rating: 7.9