TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S2E3 AKA Sole Survivor

As her visions intensify, Jessica visits an abandoned clinic, where she stumbles on a new lead. Jeri faces an ultimatum after her secret gets out.

Where do you go when you want to dump a body? The vacation spot you used to go with your parents and also contemplated going to kill yourself!!! Yeah, the third episode of the second season of Jessica Jones starts off dark with a revelation about Jessica that adds so much to her. There’s the fact she admits she contemplated killing herself, which means she’s opening up but it also explains the place she was in for the first season and before.

Jessica also has trouble at home when the new super announces he is evicting her, primarily because she has powers and he doesn’t want her around due to the danger to him and his kid. Or it could be the fact that he has a questionable past and is doing shady things currently too. What’s interesting here is that there’s talk of discrimination and a backlash against those with superpowers. It’s a nice nod to what’s going on in the cinematic universe, subtle but part of the bigger picture. J. R. Ramirez is the new addition to the cast as Oscar Arocho and he provides a tough but at the same time somewhat sympathetic person for Jessica to go up against and interact with. There’s solid chemistry between the two.

But, the drama isn’t all about Jessica this season. Jeri is having issues with her law firm and we learn that her partners are attempting to force her out due to her actions of last season and what they needed to do to cover it up. There’s clearly more going on with her and how the season plays out will be interesting. What;s really good is the inclusion of Foggy into it as he attempts to be a sympathetic ally to her but she’s having none of it. She has a wall and is lashing out in numerous ways and that includes those that should be her friend. But, when it comes to Jessica, Jeri has a soft spot. Pryce Cheng, the rival detective played by Terry Chen, wants to sue Jessica and be represented by Jeri. And sadly Jeri sees it as a way to win Jessica over. Friendships are clearly difficult for her and I’m expecting this is where her growth this season will happen.


We also get a bit more about Trish and her boyfriend Griffin, played by Hal Ozsan. Shocker, he’s actually a good person, at least we’re told he is. But, of course he’s up to something.

Through all of the detective work though, we get closer to the “big bad” as Jessica heads to meet Dr. Leslie Hanson (after pulling something over on Trish so she can’t go), one of the people with knowledge about the program that gave her powers. But, of course, things aren’t as they seem and the person turns out to be one of the main villains of the series… probably.


A drawn out villain isn’t so bad, and neither is the slow pace, as long as the series really focuses on the characters and their relationships. The acting is what makes it all stand out as our heroines deal with a new threat and their own demons.

Overall Rating: 7.25