TV Review: Marvel’s Jessica Jones S2E2 AKA Freak Accident

Jessica sets out to find Dr. Kozlov and makes a startling discovery. Trish recruits Malcolm for backup as she visits a figure from her past.

This season is clearly exploring the “origin” of Jessica Jones and how that ties into the death of The Whizzer. Whether it’s Trish digging deep into files or Jessica following leads, the various plotlines will intersect down the road. But, in that intersection, there’s also an exploration of past trauma. Here we see that in a few ways.


Jessica learns that whatever program made her and the Whizzer, is also what made Simpson, the psycho from the first season. It also turns out that he’s alive and that Jessica is following the wrong person, someone else wants Trish dead for digging into the mystery. But, where Jessica learns more about the Simpson revelation is interesting, Dr. Kozlov’s funeral. There she must deal with her parent’s death, something that was talked about the first season but not really dealt with beyond her drinking. This season has put that front and center in the focus on her origin. from tragedy, she was created.

With Simpson back, it brings back the experience of Trish from the first season fueling her behavior. It also has a tinge of horror to it, the supernatural killer returning. We also find out something about Trish’s past and her acting career. It paints her mother as even more of a monster and adds depth to the character in some ways and makes the first season more interesting too, at least when it comes to her and Jessica’s relationship with their mother. But, it’s not all doom and gloom for Trish, we get to know her boyfriend more and as presented he seems too good to be true.

But, the trauma explored isn’t just Trish’s that’s dealt with. Something is going on with Jeri and it could very well be the experiences she had in the first season. We see her using drugs, picking up prostitutes, behavior that doesn’t quite seem her and in ways destructive. This season we have a theme and it’ll be explored through our three main female leads.

An interesting episode that feels like more of a detective/noir story than a superhero tale. The season has a bit of a different feel than the first, with no major bad guy so far to battle, instead it’s a shadowy conspiracy. It shakes things up, but not necessarily for the better. While the focus on characters and acting has improved, the plotting remains slow and drawn out. For some that’ll be frustrating, for others they’ll enjoy it, like a mystery novel.

Overall Rating: 7.25