Review: Paradox Girl #1

One of my favorite actors of all time is Michael Keaton. Growing up he acted in a more than a few movies that pretty much formed my sense of humor. He primarily acted in comedies until the two Batman movies he did, but then he moved to more dramas and other serious fare. One of his best movies after Gung Ho, is Multiplicity, one where his character gets himself cloned so he can do other things.

The movie was both funny and made you think, of the possibilities of what can do if they could make copies of themselves, just how productive you can be. The last time I remember a movie character doing something similar, is Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen. What if you could time travel and make copies of yourself? This is the premise that is featured in the series, Paradox Girl and what the reader is introduced to in the first issue.

We meet our titular character and her hundreds of copies in the first few pages, and how they go about getting through their day, and how many times they have traveled through time. We soon find out how she got her powers in the first place and just about habitually late she is despite her abilities. We also meet one of her superpowered friends, Axiom Man, who keeps her on track and helps fight monsters. By issue’s end, she gets her favorite waffles from 1985, saves the city from a kaiju, trains with Axiom Man, and lives to fight another day.

Overall, an excellent debut issue that feels like it is going 100 miles per hour and never lets you go. The story by Cayti Elle Borquin is very funny and action packed. The art by Yishan Li is gorgeous and vivid. Altogether, a raucous series that will have you in stitches and  will make you wonder what would you do in PG’s shoes.

Story: Cayti Elle Borquin Art: Yishan Li
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy