Dan Fogler, Simon Bisley, Andrew Harrison, Ben McCool, and Tom Hodges’ Brooklyn Gladiator this April

Chapterhouse Publishing are proud to announce the forthcoming release of Brooklyn Gladiator – Volume Zero on April 11th 2018 the sci-fi lovechild of Orwell, Huxley, and stoner conspiracy theories, knitted together by the mad and ingenious mind of Dan Fogler.

Joined by Andrew Harrison, Ben McCool, and artist Tom Hodges, with cover art by Glenn Fabry, Brooklyn Gladiator is a vivid, violent, and frightening glimpse into a fictional future that feels all too familiar, a future that feels all too familiar, a future we may find ourselves sleepwalking into if we’re not careful. Artist Simon Bisley joins the team for Volume One.

John Miller is public enemy number one, fighting nanite-enhanced maniacs in the underground gladiator circuit and selling bootleg drugs that undercut the government’s own brand. Now John is developing uncanny psychic powers that allow him to bypass the state’s tech and tap into ancient knowledge. As he sets out to dismantle the machines that run his world, he’ll come to a completely new understanding of the concept of civilization.

And more there will be, as Chapterhouse will release Brooklyn Gladiator – Volume One and an Omnibus with never-seen-before stories of Fogler’s Hitchcockian horror Moonlake later this year.