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It’s a new week and team GP is dealing with Super Bowl hangovers, the flu, and preparing for tonight’s episode of Graphic Policy Radio! While you count down for that brand new episode, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

The Onion – Man Prefers Comic Books That Don’t Insert Politics Into Stories About Government-Engineered Agents Of War – The Onion nails it as usual.

AndroidGuys – Best apps for reading comic books and visual novels on Android – Some helpful tech info.

Jakarta Globe – New Comic Books to Bring Young Indonesians Back to Museums – Very interesting and also wondering how well it’s going to work.

The Beat – Calista Brill and Gina Gagliano promoted at First Second – Congrats to both!

The Beat – IDW’s San Diego Comic Art Gallery Reopens to Big Changes – Great to see this still going.



Comics Bulletin – Abbott #1

Talking Comics – Dark Nights: Metal #5

Talking Comics – Eternity #4

Talking Comics – Phoenix Resurrection #5