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Explore some SHORT STORIES that are really some TALL TALES in the new Comic Bento!

February is a cold, bleak and short month. So what better time to curl up next to a warm fire or bath and explore some SHORT STORIES that are really some TALL TALES! Almost 20 different stories across four books, genres and universes, all inside one handy-dandy box in the latest Comic Bento!

This isn’t full of TALL TALES:

  • 19 stories across 4 books!
  • A Brand new publisher joins the Bento family!
  • Small stories with big impacts!
  • Superheroes, Inter-dimensional Beings, and Gruesome goings-on!

But hurry! As mentioned, it’s a short month and SHORT STORIES/TALL TALES will only be here until February 28th, 2018!

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