Review: Dissonance #1



Dissonance is a new science fiction comic series that weaves a complicated web of backstory and plot. The story is set up with a lot of potential, but ultimately, felt like it could have delivered much more. To sum the story up as simply as possible, there is a parallel world to Earth named Terra Fantasme that houses a futuristic people named The Fantasmen. These beings have shed their skin so to speak, and are spirits that lack conscience, or souls. This is where the story sets up the plot device that these beings need humanity as mortal hosts to give these beings a chance to end their war, and achieve prosperity once again.

After combing the galaxies for years, they find Earth. Here is where the desperate species makes a pact with humanity to combine into something new, and in turn, share their technology and their immense knowledge with Earth. This merging is called Dissonance. While these concepts to me are very interesting, the delivery felt like it could have been much better. At the same time, this story does tell a complicated set up, and has to do it in a few pages, so I can understand why it was done this way.

The story is written by Singgih Nugroho and Ryan Cady. After the initial set up I mentioned above, the rest of the comic follows the assassination of a model at the international fashion show. This piece was confusing, and takes the story into government corruption like we’ve seen many times before. I am still a little lost on why this was done, aside from it being something to start a war or chaos with the humans that are protesting those who want to embrace or achieve dissonance, and those who are protesting against it. The book continues to set up what appears to be our villain or villains, while there is some scheming going on with some of the other characters who have their own agenda. We also meet what appears to be our main character, who in my opinion, was introduced far too late into the comic.

The art by Sami Basri has a nice clean look to it, with the colors by Sakai Yuwono popping and bringing the book alive. The art to me is the best thing this book has going for it besides the concept, and there are some panels that look quite fantastic. It shares a similar look with The Wicked & The Divine, so if you like that style, you will like this too.

I would say that this series could improve in the next issue or two, especially with needing so much set up on a complicated story like this, but as of right now, it left me wanting a little more coherent and perhaps slower sci-fi story. You’re mileage may vary, and you may very well enjoy this comic more than I did, I just was expecting a different kind of book.

Story: Singgih Nugroho & Ryan Cady Art: Sami Basri
Colors: Sakai Yuwono Letterer: Jake Ady
Cover: Varsam Kurnia Creator: Melina Curphy

Story: 5.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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