TV Review: Arrow S6E10 Divided

Oliver discovers one of Cayden’s secrets; he decides to team up with an unlikely ally to defeat him; Dinah spends time with Vince.

Arrow returns after its break and the team is fractured. Can Oliver go it with just Felicity and Diggle? And what about the rest of the former Team Arrow members?

Cayden is still going after Ollie and it turns out he’s recruited a hell of a lot of individuals to make his plan happen. There’s lots of attacks on Oliver and his attempts to attack back, which doesn’t go well.

But, through all of those distractions the episode is really a lesson that Oliver can’t achieve his goals with a small team and has to try to get back everyone he either booted or quit. Can he put away his pride and do what’s needed?

The episode is solid in that it doesn’t play out how you’d expect. There’s moments where the episode absolutely surprises and the fact it doesn’t go the way I thought is a good thing. The episode as a whole though lags a bit. There’s a lot here that just feels very extraneous and a leaner more streamlined episode would have helped things a lot. It feels like an hour show with about 15 minutes of important things.

It’s been a bit since the last episode and this return isn’t quite there to get me excited for the rest of the season. The series feels like a lot of its steam has been taken out of it and things are stumbling along.

Overall rating: 7.05