2018 Schomburg Black Comic Book Fest: Florence Kasumba Talks Black Panther

Florence Kasumba plays Ayo in this February’s Black Panther and previously in Captain America: Civil War “move or be moved”. She’s a broadway actress and martial artist!

At the 2018 Schomburg Black Comic Book Fest she commented that a challenge in Black Panther was fighting with a Spear when she is used to fighting with a sword (badass!!).

Also apparently when a group of physically fit black women with shaved heads in Lycra show up at the Apple store to buy watches the sales clerks ask in hushed and awed tones “who are you ladies?” I’m presuming they thought they were either super models or super heroes.

She is being interviewed by Kevin Young, the director of the NY Public Libraries Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.