Review: Anne Bonnie #5

There is no worse a feeling when someone get a raw deal. When someone purposefully swindles you, there is many feelings that come across people’s minds. The first thing, usually, is betrayal, especially when it is someone you know. Another feeling, is foolishness, as you tend to feel instantly not intelligent for being smart enough sense it.

This reminds me of when I read Stephen Vincent Benet’s The Devil and Daniel Webster when I was seven years old. In the story, Jabez Stone, a farmer in New Hampshire, makes a deal with the Devil, to end his bad luck. The feeling Jabez, had when he realized what he ultimately had to pay for his change of fate, is all of us in that same situation. In the latest issue of Anne Bonnie, Ariana’s finds out just what type of deal she makes with Bilgehart, one she would quickly regret.

We catch up with Ariana, shortly after she signs the contract, one which Kenoshi, unsuccessfully tries to stop. Though their partnership is shrouded with Bilgehart’s deceit, Kenoshi, has brought an old friend, Mary Reed, to help fill out the crew. They set off to find a treasure, and discover, that the treasure has already been taken by Bilgehart who also pillages their ship. By issue’s end, a double cross set Arian’s crew on a collision course with Bilgehart.

Overall, this issue brigs the series full circle, as this is the penultimate issue, brings our heroine to forefront. The story by Tim Yates is action packed. The art by Yates is gorgeous. Overall, a thrilling issue, which adds a dash of suspense.

Story: Tim Yates Art: Tim Yates
Story:8 .0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy