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Review: Anne Bonnie #5

There is no worse a feeling when someone get a raw deal. When someone purposefully swindles you, there is many feelings that come across people’s minds. The first thing, usually, is betrayal, especially when it is someone you know. Another feeling, is foolishness, as you tend to feel instantly not intelligent for being smart enough sense it.

This reminds me of when I read Stephen Vincent Benet’s The Devil and Daniel Webster when I was seven years old. In the story, Jabez Stone, a farmer in New Hampshire, makes a deal with the Devil, to end his bad luck. The feeling Jabez, had when he realized what he ultimately had to pay for his change of fate, is all of us in that same situation. In the latest issue of Anne Bonnie, Ariana’s finds out just what type of deal she makes with Bilgehart, one she would quickly regret.

We catch up with Ariana, shortly after she signs the contract, one which Kenoshi, unsuccessfully tries to stop. Though their partnership is shrouded with Bilgehart’s deceit, Kenoshi, has brought an old friend, Mary Reed, to help fill out the crew. They set off to find a treasure, and discover, that the treasure has already been taken by Bilgehart who also pillages their ship. By issue’s end, a double cross set Arian’s crew on a collision course with Bilgehart.

Overall, this issue brigs the series full circle, as this is the penultimate issue, brings our heroine to forefront. The story by Tim Yates is action packed. The art by Yates is gorgeous. Overall, a thrilling issue, which adds a dash of suspense.

Story: Tim Yates Art: Tim Yates
Story:8 .0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Anne Bonnie #4

I have mentioned in previous reviews, that one of my favorite movies of all time, is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance?,  an excellent movie starring John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart and lee Marvin. The film resonated with me from the first I saw it with my grandfather. When I saw it the first time, I just wanted to sped time with my grandfather and movies especially westerns were our favorites. He was a big John Wayne fan and watched all his movies and all his TV shows. He told when he used to act in the Philippines, he used to try to emulate Wayne in his mannerisms for many of his characters.

He said especially liked this movie, because instead of picking up acting tips, he actually watched this movie as a fan. This to me, after The Searchers, is one of Wayne’s best films, as the ain theme ring true, every time I watched it. It stays with me today, as the vanity of legend, is is what most people will remember about you long after you are gone. The truth is insignificant, as what becomes fact, is what most people remember the same way. In the latest issue of Anne Bonnie, Ariana’s sea worthiness gets tested as she runs into some real pirates.

The reader is introduced to the Bilgehart, as plunders another ship and sins its crew with no reprieve, and he is headed Ariana’s way. The crew pulls into a seaside town called Portville, which is overrun with semen and pirates. As Ariana and her crew gets entrenched in the local culture, they run in Bilgehart, who talks Ariana into finding buried gold with him. By issue’s end, Shen realizes that Bilgehart and Arian, might cross paths, and she may be making the worst mistake thus far.

Overall, a fun madcap episode which shows Tim Yates comedic chops, as this issue can easily be written for adults. The story by Yates is hilarious. The art by Yates is stunning. Overall, a funny issue, which remembers who their core audience is.

Story: Tim Yates Art: Tim Yates
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Anne Bonnie #3

The reason people come into our lives truly never makes sense. Some people makes friends for life based on relationships with other people. Some people make lifelong friends from serving in the military with each other. Others makes lifelong friends from having a unique experience together.

Whatever the reason stays in your life, you definitely can say that you share a lifetime bond. Those connections, are usually genuine and becomes a kinship often stronger than family. This is why I love when a band of friends finally are able to bond. This is exactly what appends in the third issue of Anne Bonnie.

In the opening pages, our heroes escape the clutches of local police, they are underway and out to sea. This issue, is where they start working as a crew, as the gang of Mermen, attack them and this is where Finn finds out his true self and his powers. They eventually chase them away and Finn starts remembering how he ended up a slave in the first place. By issue’s end, the crew gets to know each other and themselves better.

Overall, a great issue that went way too fast, but this shows just how adept Tim Yates is at storytelling. The story by Yates is a page turner and remembers to invoke the fun factor. The art by Yates is beautiful. Altogether, an action-packed adventure, that has some high stakes political intrigue mixed with high sea adventure.

Story: Tim Yates Art: Tim Yates
Story: 9.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 9.2 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Anne Bonnie #2

I can say that when it comes to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, II have a love/ hate relationship with them. I loved the first movie, and my disdain with the series increased with every movie since. Most filmgoers love these movies simply, because of Johnny Depp’s performance as Jack Sparrow. Then, there is the chemistry between Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley, who don’t all appear in all the movies, but they make for some memorable scenes.

I initially watched the movies because of the Disney World attraction, it was my favorite, every time me and my family would go there. Even within the attraction, there was magical elements to the ride, as you were transported to a world where anything can happen. The one thing that the movies did well, was the melding the supernatural elements with the many legends associated with seafaring. In the second issue of Anne Bonnie, our heroine, finds out exactly how supernatural the Crimson Dawn really is.

We catch up with Ariana, as the Crimson Dawn is in a firefight with the Royal Navy, out maneuvering the two ships, leaving the naval vessels in ruins. She eventually pulls in to a port, which is an evil plot is unfurling, and the Crimson Dawn’s arrival may be the difference. Ariana, also recruits her first crew member, a runaway slave. By issue’s end, an old friend shows up, and her world is about to get a little more complicated.

Overall, an excellent installment to a series that opens this world to all walks of life, as this book shows what inclusivity is. The story by Tim Yates is pure fun. The art by Tim Yates and Tony Vassallo feels like an animated feature. Altogether, an issue that never lets off that gas, making this a book that is all adventure.

Story: Tim Yates Art: Tim Yates and Tony Vassallo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Review: Annie Bonnie #1

As a child growing up, I devoured books, I read every piece of fiction I could get my hands on. Just like most boys my age, I became obsessed over certain characters or certain people. Like I had a cousin who loved everything Ghostbusters. He watched all the movies including the newest one, and both cartoons, and had every toy they ever released. My obsession, was Star Wars, as me, my cousins, and my friends all had cases of figures of different characters from the film series.

I had another cousin, who loved Dinosaurs and read everything there was about them. I also obsessed about pirates, after reading Treasure Island, and watching the movie, I read about all the famous ones and not so famous ones, and found out the difference between a pirate and a buccaneer. The Pirates of the Caribbean movies provide comedic fodder for those of us infatuated the genre, but Black Sails, is the probably the one portrayal, that brought them actual legitimacy, and showed the world they were people just like all of us. This brings to one of my favorite characters in the show, as not much of her origin is explored there, which is why I could wait to get in the first issue of Anne Bonnie.

In the opening pages, we meet a young girl, Ariana, who dreams of a life outside the palace walls, she grew up in, a world, that her uncle Kenshin, told her of the sea. Fast forward, a few year later, a key her uncle left for her is used to awaken a ghost ship, something she did not quite expect. It also has awakened the very island she grew up in, as it is not an island, but a being made of stone. By issue’s end, she is on the run from a Naval ship and the ship is more supernatural than she originally thought.

Overall, a great book, that brings the reader to a day and time, when adventure was a way of life. The story by Tim Yates and Lelan Estes is funny, relatable, and exciting. The art by Tim Yates and Tony Vassallo is gorgeous and luminous. Altogether, an excellent first issue, that feels like a page right out of Treasure Island, if it was supernatural.

Story: Tim Yates and Lelan Estes Artist: Tim Yates and Tony Vassallo
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy