Review: Pretending is Lying

Most of us, either consciously or unconsciously seek relationships that most resemble our parents. This is not always a good thing, as I have seen friends who have had tons of toxic relationships, quite unknowingly, maybe because it resembled their definition of normalcy, what they grew up seeing. It can also, be a good thing, as the marriages on both sides of my family, though not perfect, are all rocksteady.  My own parents’ relationship had their difficulties, as no two people I knew growing up loved each other more.

That is why some people try find people that they are attracted to, who is different than everyone they have dated prior. Because they are weary of the same results, they no longer want to be weighed down by the repetitive heartbreak. Therefore, being single is so difficult, and why some people are just happy being alone. In Dominique Goblet’s Pretending Is Lying her life told in fragments of memories through relationships with her daughter, to her parents to her boyfriend, shaping her to who she has become.

We first meet Dominique as a child, and soon find out her relationship with her mother is paramount to everything in her world and how she parents her own daughter.  Her father bares a large shadow over her life as well, sowing seeds of distrust to how she perceives men in her life. The reader gets to see this firsthand in Dominique’s relationship with Guy Marc, her partner, who both excites and infuriates her, and has some straits much like her father. By book’s end, everything circles back, as though these people caused her pain, love remains the answer.

Overall, an intense intimately drawn and told book that leaves the reader uncomfortable at times, but also laughing hysterically. The story by Goblet is granular, pure, and very relatable. The art by Goblet becomes throughout the book more refined, as her feelings towards each subject can instantly be told by how beautiful she draws the person. Altogether, a book, that elevates the subgenre of graphic memoirs, letting readers know that there is sometimes humor in the darkest of circumstances.

Story: Dominique Goblet Art: Dominique Goblet
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy