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Review: Coronary Episode 1

Self-esteem is an enigma that has taken over the world and has everyone second guessing themselves. It has infiltrated mass media, as everywhere you look, there is some product professing to make you look better. The supplement industry is a by product of this obsession, as everything they market, is supposed to make you feel and yield desired results. It has people joining CrossFit, yoga, and bicycling classes worldwide, for a better version of themselves.

This obsession also has also lead to people doing drastic things to make themselves look and feel better, some even causing great harm to themselves, leading at times, to death. It makes you wonder with some of the dangerous consequences including psychological, why isn’t there more scrutiny on these companies profiting from this spotlight on flaws. Comics have looked at this industry before in comics like Beauty from Image, but other than that comic, none has delved into how any of this could be illegal? In Ryan Burke, Joel Saavedra, and Damian Penalba’s masterfully told Coronary, they get into how big of a business this industry is, and whenever something makes as much as it does, how it attracts all types, on both sides of the law.

In the opening pages, we meet a smooth operator by the name of Justin, who starts a casual conversation, with a young lady, where he starts up an interesting conversation. It is not until he catches his train, the reader realizes that the young lady, just so happens to be the target audience for his miracle pills. We also find out he has the local police considering his affairs and some criminal elements in to looking to end him. By issue’s end. A key betrayal by Justin may mean doom for him.

Overall, a persuasive denunciation against the “self-esteem” machine, and how it affects millions of people. The story by Burke feels like a cross between crime noir whodunit and a corporate espionage thriller. The art By Saavedra and Penalba is gorgeous and has a sophisticated nod to 80s aesthetics. Altogether, a sleek and smart story that will have the reader wanting to see what happens next.

Story: Ryan Burke Art: Joel Saavedra and Damian Penalba
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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