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Rock Mary Rock Volume 1 is a Musical Adventure on Kickstarter

Launched in December 2015 by writer/artist Nicky Soh and colorist Jeremy Lawson, Rock Mary Rock brings together music and comics. Currently, the comic is at Issue 4 and Soh sells them primarily in comic conventions throughout the country. Issue 5 has been fully inked and issue 6 is wrapping up. Soh is currently running a Kickstarter that collects the first 6 Issues into a Trade Paperback Graphic Novel of 142 pages!!!

The story centers around Mary, a young teen who accidentally awakens the spirit of a deceased rock star. In order for the spirit to move on to the afterlife, Mary has to fulfill his dreams: to become a Rock Legend. The journey is full of adventurefriendshipbattles and most importantly, music.

The project runs until January 2 so pledge today!