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5 Days to Back Advent Comics’ Streetz #1

Streetz is a new action/thriller that focuses on the gritty underbelly of the urban streets being published by Advent Comics. A wave of deaths after the release of a new designer street drug targeting the urban community is the catalyst that kicks off the story. But we will quickly find out that things are not what they appear as a sinister plot is revealed that will put these heroes to the ultimate test.

The first issue is currently being funded through a Kickstarter that ends on January 4th.

Tony Kittrell, the Creator/Writer of the series states “this is a proposed, four issue mini-series which brings together all of the diverse heroes in the Advent Comics Universe and shines a spotlight on the Street-level characters for the first time”. The story begins with the mysterious death of an inner city hero and puts into motion the gathering of the Greatest Heroes of All to solve the crime! Titan the Ultra Man!  Nia X! Hannibal! Nimrod the Hunter! The Liberators and many others will be introduced!

In addition to superheroics, the story will incorporate real issues facing inner cities into the mix. Knowing past projects from this writer and Advent, this is liable to be one EXPLOSIVE tale!

Take a look at the campaign and support the team by making a pledge.

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