Review: Comichaus #9

Having just watched the documentary Future Shock, one epiphany I had is the indie scene in for comics is huge in England. I learned a few things about how those first creators at 2000AD changed the way we see the future, not only in comics, but largely throughout popular culture. The recent boom in dystopian fiction, can be attributed to these creators, too many to name but include in their ranks are the creators of Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Denzel Washington’s dystopian rogue movie, Book Of Eli, has heavy influences from Judge Dredd’s Cursed Earth storyline.

Even some of the more obscure science fiction movies of the 1980s like Hardware, derives much of its story from Patty Mills stories in the storied magazine. The influence of those creators up to today can be seen in today’ s writers and artists, especially in indie comic magazines like Comichaus. In the latest issue, Homeopathos, James and Alan retrace their steps back to the mad scientist who abducted them in the first place, but unexpectedly must fight for their lives. In Mandy the Monster Hunter, Mandy has to train the children who were left as orphans due to the carnage of the monsters, as they become empowered to use their strengths to fight them.

In Cold, the survivors who are left over, try find some normalcy amongst each other, but just as they get adjusted the Colds, invade their quiet moment. In Splendid Grins, a criminal serving out his time taking out demons, finds a cult leader, whose is more than what he was told. In The Monochrome Kid, a mind melding being steals song ideas from a rival songwriter, causing chaos in his life. In Sandwiches, a demon uses people’s insecurities against them.

Overall, another strong installment for this epic series, as each issue is a fun trip. The stories contained prove that each writer are ones to watch. The art by each other artists are beautiful, especially the work done in Sandwiches. Altogether, a great issue, that proves Britain is still fertile soil for  new comics talent.

Story: Robin Jones, Michael Sambrook, Matt Warner, Liam Baldwin, Simon Birks, Fraser Campbell, Dave Bowling
Art: Gavin Fullerton, Vince Hunt, Liam Baldwin, Lyndon White, Iain Laurie, Rebecca Horner, Matthew John Soffe
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy